SEO (search engine optimisation)

The SEO (search engine optimization) is key in the successful conception of a website. Without optimization, you website will be lost in search engines, and very difficult to find.

The SEOconsists in a deep work on the website, to apply strategically several keywords in order to make your website appear in the different search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing…). Various methodologies exist to achieve good results, the most performing is the creation of Backlinks redirecting to your website. This methodology consists in having a good confidence index for Google, who will pull your websites in the first search results. If several websites with good page ranks share your website link, your popularity will grow and Google will reward you. Other criteria are taken in consideration for a good website lecture by the robots, such as the respect of the good standards of the web and the weigh of your pages. Your website must be performing both on Desktop and Mobile, images optimization is a key factor for this. Your website should be responsive for all devices. Recently, many websites were penalized by Google for not being responsive. Since recently, social networks also have a key role in the referencing.

The SEA (search engine advertising) consists in positioning your websites by bidding on keywords against other companies. Often associated to the AdWords, this system allows to estimate the relevance of certain keywords, and then provide you with a Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per thousand impressions (CPM or CPT), or a Cost Per Lead (CPL). This process can be interesting for a punctual advertising campaign, to drive more traffic on your website. This should always be linked to your SEO strategy, to boost your website progression in search engines and target new clients.

What is the cost of Search Engine Optimization ?

The cost can vary depending on the popularity of the keywords you want to focus on. The strategy to implement can be long, and good results might by reach from a few weeks to several months. There is no exact science, and it is impossible to predict a precise positioning in search engines. However, we will apply everything to make your website be higher in search results in certain keywords and grow your traffic. The costs will be defined on a monthly or quarterly basis , to follow keywords evolution. Several options are possible to be the most adapted to the performances you are looking for.

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